About SCR

About the Sixth Circuit Review

What is the Sixth Circuit Review?

The Ohio State Law Journal Sixth Circuit Review provides practical scholarly articles on important issues, trends, and cases arising in the Sixth Circuit. We aspire to facilitate a discussion on the important questions that arise in the Sixth Circuit. Practitioners, jurists, legal scholars, and law students write articles on a variety of issues. In the inaugural edition, articles include discussions on ethics and professionalism, pro se litigation, application of Rule 32.1 in district courts, as well as critiques of whistleblower protections, summary dispositions, First Amendment balancing, and scienter pleading standards in securities fraud litigation.

Why is the Sixth Circuit Review Important?

Our hope is that the Sixth Circuit Review will serve as a forum for discussing the pressing issues and doctrines that our courts confront each day. We invite you to participate in this collaborative endeavor. Read the articles. Consider their merits. Respond in kind. Most importantly, create and sustain a true discussion by contributing. In the words of Chief Judge R. Guy Cole, Jr. “I promise you this: the judges of our circuit and their law clerks will surely read in earnest whatever you write [for the Sixth Circuit Review].”

Where can I find the Sixth Circuit Review?

You can find the current issue of the Sixth Circuit Review on the Ohio State Law Journal’s website right here!

Please take a moment to check out the Sixth Circuit Review and come back often! We are excited to welcome you to the discussion.

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