Volume 77, Number 3

Volume 77, Number 3 (2016)


In Memoriam, Dean Christopher Fairman

Dean Alan C. Michaels, Our Better Angel: Christopher Fairman, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 509 (2016).

Daniel Markovits, Remembering Mr. Fairman77 Ohio St. L.J. 513 (2016).

Marc Spindelman, Shockfreude and the Very Democratic Teachings of “Professor Fuck”, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 515 (2016)


Marah Stith McLeod, Does the Death Penalty Require Death Row? The Harm of Legislative Silence, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 525 (2016).

Brie D. SherwinChocolate, Coca-Cola, and Fracturing Fluid: A Story of Unfettered Secrecy, Toxicology, and the Resulting Public Health Implications of Natural Gas Development, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 593 (2016).


Ben F.C. Wallace, Charting Procedural Due Process and the Fundamental Right to Vote, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 647 (2016).