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Current Issues

Volume 75, Number 3 (2014)


Wadie E. Said, Sentencing Terrorist Crimes, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 477 (2014).

Adam S. Hofri-WinogradowThe Stripping of the Trust: From Evolutionary Scripts to Distributive Results, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 529 (2014).

Gregory S. GordonThe Forgotten Nuremberg Hate Speech Case: Otto Dietrich and the Future of Persecution Law, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 571 (2014).

D. Gordon Smith & Jordan C. Lee, Fiduciary Discretion, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 609 (2014).


Scott MaylandRatcheting Up the Duty: The Department of Labor’s Misguided Attempt To Impose a Paternalistic Model upon Defined Contribution Plans Through ERISA, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 645 (2014).

Volume 75, Number 1 (2014)


Amy P. MeekStreet Vendors, Taxicabs, and Exclusion Zones: The Impact of Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions at the Local Level, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 1 (2014).

Sheila R. FosterBreaking Up Payday: Anti-agglomeration Zoning and Consumer Welfare, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 57 (2014).

Michael R. SiebeckerBridging Troubled Waters: Linking Corporate Efficiency and Political Legitimacy Through a Discourse Theory of the Firm, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 103 (2014).

John Patrick Hunt, Should the Mortgage Follow the Note?, Ohio St. L.J. 155 (2014).


Elizabeth R. GormanWhen the Poor Have Nothing Left To Eat: The United States’ Obligation To Regulate American Investment in the African Land Grab, Ohio St. L.J. 199 (2014).

Volume 75, Number 2 (2014)


Aaron L. Nielson, In Defense of Formal Rulemaking, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 237 (2014). 

Jason Marisam, Constitutional Self-Interpretation, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 293 (2014).

Fatma Marouf, Michael Kagan & Rebecca Gill, Justice on the Fly: The Danger of Errant Deportations, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 337 (2014).


Matt Borden, Covering Your Digital Assets: Why the Stored Communications Act Stands in the Way of Digital Inheritance, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 405 (2014).

Jourdan Day, Closing the Loophole — Why Intersectional Claims Are Needed to Address Discrimination Against Older Women, 75 Ohio St. L.J. 447 (2014).

Volume 74, Number 1 (2013)


Marc SpindelmanAn Introduction: Roe v. Wade in the Wilds of Politics, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 3 (2013).

Dahlia LithwickForeword: Roe v. Wade at Forty, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 5 (2013).

Michael Stokes PaulsenThe Plausibility of Personhood, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 13 (2013).

Maya ManianLessons from Personhood’s Defeat: Abortion Restrictions and Side Effects on Women’s Health, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 75 (2013).

David F. ForteLife, Heartbeat, Birth: A Medical Basis for Reform, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 121 (2013).

Marc SpindelmanOn the Constitutionality of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 149 (2013).

Volume 74, Number 2 (2013)


Susan B. HeymanThe Quiet Period in a Noisy World: Rethinking Securities Regulation and Corporate Free Speech, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 189 (2013).

Irina D. MantaHedonic Trademarks, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 241 (2013).

Saul ZipkinA Common Law Court in a Regulatory World, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 285 (2013).


Ranya ElzeinIf You Are Going To Do It, then Do It Right: The Case for Videotaping Lethal Injections, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 339 (2013).

Volume 74, Number 3 (2013)


Steve P. Calandrillo & Dustin E. BuehlerEggshell Economics: A Revolutionary Approach to the Eggshell Plaintiff Rule, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 375 (2013).

Bryan LammonRules, Standards, and Experimentation in Appellate Jurisdiction, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 423 (2013).

Isaac D. BuckCaring Too Much: Misapplying the False Claims Act to Target Overtreatment, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 463 (2013).


T. Conrad BowerInequitable Escheat?: Reflecting on Unclaimed Property Law and the Supreme Court’s Interstate Escheat Framework, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 516 (2013).