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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
12:10 PM - 1:00 PM
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OSLJ Note Informational Session

Volume 62, Number 3


Tom Stacy, Changing Paradigms in the Law of Homicide, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1007 (2001).

Kathleen F. Brickey, Charging Practices in Hazardous Waste Crime Prosecutions, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1077 (2001).

Frank R. Strong Law Forum Lecture

Randall Kennedy, Racial Passing, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1145 (2001).


Karen Christian, “And the DNA Shall Set You Free”: Issues Surrounding Postconviction DNA Evidence and the Pursuit of Innocence, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1195 (2001).

Byron Dailey, The Five Faces of Federalism: A State-Power Quintet without a Theory, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1243 (2001).

Andrew D.M. Miller, Irrelevant Costs and Economic Realities: Funding the IDEA after Cedar Rapids, 62 Ohio St. L.J. 1289 (2001).