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Current Issue

Volume 77, Number 2 (2016)


2014-2015 Symposium Issue


Hon. Jeffrey S. Sutton, State Constitutions in the United States Federal System, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 195 (2016).

Robert F. Williams, Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. and the Evolving Development of State Constitutional Law, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 203 (2016).

Sanford V. Levinson & William D. Blake, When Americans Think About Constitutional Reform: Some Data and Reflections, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 211 (2016).

G. Alan TarrPopular Constitutionalism in State and Nation, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 237 (2016).

Steven H. Steinglass, Constitutional Revision: Ohio Style, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 281 (2016).

James A. Gardner, Justice Brennan and the Foundations of Human Rights Federalism, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 355 (2016).

Ann M. Lousin, Justice Brennan’s Call to Arms – What Has Happened Since 1977?, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 387 (2016).

Aaron Saiger, Local Government as a Choice of Agency Form, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 423 (2016).

Jim Rossi, Dynamic Incorporation of Federal Law, 77 Ohio St. L.J. 457 (2016).