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Blueprint for a Loophole: The Cincinnati Enquirer v. Cincinnati Board of Education

By John C. Greiner On June 22, 2011, the Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal in the case of The Cincinnati Enquirer v. The Cincinnati Board of Education.1 The litigation resulted from a dispute between the Cincinnati Enquirer (Enquirer) and the Cincinnati Board of Education (Board) over a violation of the Ohio Open Meetings […]

The Effect of Missing Production on Ohio’s Held By Production Oil and Gas Leases

By Timothy M. McKeen and Kristen L. Andrews Ohio is in the midst of a potential economic boom. The recent interest in developing the Utica and Marcellus Shale formations has already caused millions of dollars to be invested in the state, and there is potential for even more. The discovery and utilization of the shale […]

Restoring the Presumption of Innocence by Shima Baradaran

Abstract: The most commonly repeated adage in U.S. criminal justice is the presumption of innocence: defendants are deemed innocent until proven guilty. Historically, this presumption carried important meaning both before and during trial. However, in light of state and federal changes in pretrial practice, as well as Supreme Court precedent restricting the presumption’s application to […]

Differential Preemption by Dr. Ronen Perry

Abstract: Preemption is a constitutional law doctrine whereby state and local authorities are deprived of their powers in particular areas governed by federal law. In setting the boundaries of state sovereignty within a federal polity, it constitutes one of the pillars of the federal political structure. Viewed differently, preemption is one of the strongest legal […]

Kelo-Style Failings by Alberto B. Lopez

Abstract:  This paper proposes a mechanism to internalize the risk to the public interest created by the process of land assembly utilized in conjunction with most eminent domain-related projects.  The paper explains how the traditional bifurcated process of land assembly produces a schism between the land assembler’s acquisition of title and the ability of the […]