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Sources – How To

First, select the area of alternative dispute resolution that you wish to research by clicking on its link.

For Lists of Sources By Search Term:  Under each search term, authors writing on that topic will be arranged alphabetically. A particular source may fall under multiple search term categories.

For Use With Our Print and Online Versions of JDR:  To locate an article citing to a specific source in the print or online versions of our journal, please note the search terms, in capitals, to the right of the subject heading.

Using the Index Number (located to the left of the heading), locate the search term in the index section of our publications entitled “Article and Book Entries by Search Terms and Index Numbers.”

Under each search term, authors writing on that topic have been arranged alphabetically. The complete entry can be located using the author’s last name, or the journal name if there is no author, in the book and article index sections.


Index Number  Heading Search Term
45 Mandatory, Court-Annexed Arbitration ARB: MANDATORY, COURT ANNEXED – GENERAL