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VIDEO: Author-Prisoner Jeremiah Bourgeois Speaks About His Experience with Juvenile Sentencing

Jeremiah Bourgeois, author of “The Irrelevance of Reform” in the upcoming 11.1 Issue of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, was sentenced to life in prison when he was fourteen years old. Mr. Bourgeois has served eighteen years of that sentence and in his words: “I’m never getting out of prison. I’m going to die in prison. For the act I committed when I used to think like that.”

Mr. Bourgeois recently gave a speech to prison inmates about the sentencing of juveniles and a video of that speech is provided below (Mr. Bourgeois starts speaking at 2:50). The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law is honored to be giving such an important voice the opportunity to be heard by an even larger audience. Publishing this kind of article is why we exist.