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PERCEPTION, COMPULSION, AND THE “VICTIM-CRIMINAL”: Avoiding the Imposition of Criminality on Human Sex Trafficking Victims in Ohio

Written by Nikki Trautman Baszynski, Greif Fellow in Juvenile HumanTrafficking at the Ohio State University: Moritz College of Law INTRODUCTION The idea of a victim-criminal is not a unique one.  Certainly, there are plenty of criminals who have also been victims of crimes: a drug-dealer who is assaulted, a gang-member who is murdered, or a […]

Expanding Criminal Restitution and the Potential Deterrence of Civil Filings by Victims of Sex Trafficking Under the TVPRA

Written by Adam Sims, second year law student at the Ohio State University: Moritz College of Law  The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act [TVPRA] seeks to compensate victims of sex trafficking by both criminal and civil means, neither of which should be expanded or amended at the expense of the other. First, the TVPRA requires […]

The Ultimate Game Changer in the Fight Against Human Trafficking: The Internet

Written by Meghna Rao, second year law student at the Ohio State University: Moritz College of Law Americans wait all year for this event.  Fans race to prepare chicken wings, hot artichoke dip sizzles in the oven, and foam paraphernalia bounces around the house in support of our team of choice.  Bars burst with crowds […]

VIDEO: Author-Prisoner Jeremiah Bourgeois Speaks About His Experience with Juvenile Sentencing

Jeremiah Bourgeois, author of “The Irrelevance of Reform” in the upcoming 11.1 Issue of the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, was sentenced to life in prison when he was fourteen years old. Mr. Bourgeois has served eighteen years of that sentence and in his words: “I’m never getting out of prison. I’m going to […]

Comments on Ohio’s Juvenile Competency Statute

Written by Terry Kukor, Director of Forensic and Specialized Assessment Services, Netcare Access In July of 2011, when Ohio HB 86 was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, Ohio took a huge stride forward in defining what it means for a juvenile to be found “Incompetent to Stand Trial.”  In doing so, […]

Understanding the Competency Finding of the Chardon Teen “KILLER”

Written by Melissa Salamon, third year law student at the Ohio State University: Moritz College of Law Just over a year ago TJ Lane fired shots inside Chardon High School killing three of his classmates and severely wounding two others.  About three months after his arrest the juvenile court held a competency hearing to determine […]

Maximizing the Helpfulness of Experts in Legal Determinations: Lessons from the Most Recent Juvenile Competency Statute

Written by Steph Fernandes, third year law student at The Ohio State University: Moritz College of Law This year, Michigan joined the growing number of states that have specific statutes regarding juvenile competency.  A Representative introduced the bill in April 2011 and, by December of 2012, both houses unanimously passed the bill.  The law became […]