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The Ohio State Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal (EBLJ) publishes two issues each year. The Articles issue publishes articles, book reviews, and notes published on a wide variety of business issues, including entrepreneurial and corporate law issues. The Annual Symposium Edition includes articles and pieces from EBLJ’s annual Symposium. Please comply with the citation formats in The Bluebook, Eighteenth Edition, and the Texas Law Review Manual on Usage & Style.

Please send the following information with your article submission:

  • Cover letter with contact information (including name, address, school or firm affiliation, phone number and email address).
  • Background information on article.

You may email submissions or send them via the postal mail. Email submissions should be sent to eblj@osu.edu. Submissions by mail should be sent to:

The Ohio State Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal
Attn: Article Submissions
The Ohio State University
Moritz College of Law
55 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

The Editorial Board of the Journal will review all submissions and notify authors of their selections for publication. After an author’s submission has been selected for publication, the author will be notified of the timeline for accuracy checks and author deadlines.

Ownership & Copyright Information

  1. The Author retains the Article’s copyright.
  2. Authors grant EBLJ the right and license to publish the Article and the right to reprint the Article either in part or in its entirety and to publish and sell or otherwise distribute individual offprints of the Article.
  3. Authors grant to EBLJ the nonexclusive right to authorize the publication, reproduction, and distribution of the Article in electronic media, computerized retrieval systems, qualified outlets, and similar forms.
  4. Authors agree not to publish the Article in any other publication in the United States or Canada prior to its date of publication in EBLJ.
  5. The assignment of any rights to EBLJ does not diminish the Author’s own rights to publish and distribute offprints of the Article, or to publish the Article elsewhere, subsequent to its publication in EBLJ, provided that the Author agrees to conspicuously credit EBLJ with first publication.

If you have any questions, please email the journal at eblj@osu.edu or call (614) 247-8322.