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Volume 8 Number 2


Constance A. Anastopoulo, Taking No Prisoners: Captive Insurance as an Alternative to Traditional or Commercial Insurance, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 209 (2013).

Dale A. Oesterle, Bankruptcy Planning Is Not Material?, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 235 (2013).

Alexandros Seretakis, Hostile Takeovers and Defensive Mechanisms in the United Kingdom and the United States: A Case Against the United States Regime, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 245 (2013).

Abbey Stemler and Anjanette H. Raymond, Promoting Investment in Agricultural Production: Increasing Legal Tools for Small to Medium Farmers, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 281 (2013).

Willard Taylor, Does One Size Fit All? Should There Be a Single Set of Federal Income Tax Rules for S Corporations and Partnerships?, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 327 (2013).

Symposium Articles

Patricia E. Campbell, Coping with the America Invents Act: Patent Challenges for Startup Companies, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 355 (2013).

Dana Thompson, Accelerating the Growth of the Next Generation of Innovators, 8 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 379 (2013).