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Volume 5 Number 2

Adam Benforado, Don’t Blame Us: How Our Attributional Proclivities Influence the Relationship Between Americans, Business and Government, 5 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 509 (2010).

Barbara Black, The U.S. as “Reluctant Shareholder”: Government, Business and the Law, 5 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 561 (2010).

Corey A. Ciocchetti, The Privacy Bailout: State Government Involvement in the Privacy Arena, 5 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 597 (2010).

Reza Dibadj, How Does the Government Interact with Business?: From History to Controversies, 5 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 707 (2010).

Dale Arthur Oesterle, The Collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Victims or Villains?, 5 Entrepren. Bus. L.J. 733 (2010).