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I/S is devoted to publishing outstanding research and writing that addresses the legal and policy aspects of e-government and electronic democracy, cybersecurity, online privacy and public information policy, e-commerce, information technology and economic development, telecommunications regulation, or any other aspect of the social, economic, political, or cultural implications of information technology.  For examples of articles we have published, please visit our archives page. We welcome submissions from all relevant disciplines, including law and business, engineering and science, the social sciences, and the humanities – so long as the manuscript addresses its topic in its legal or policy aspects.

I/S publishes three times a year, with one issue typically reserved for topics in privacy law and policy and one for publishing papers presented at the previous year’s I/S symposium.  The remaining issue features the best unsolicited manuscripts that we receive on topics other than privacy that are within the I/S subject matter domain.  Because I/S is able to publish only a small number of unsolicited manuscripts, our review process is highly selective, involving both our student editors and the international editorial board. 

I/S welcomes unsolicited manuscripts in four categories: full-length research articles (typically around 10,000 words); shorter, less formal commentaries that address cutting-edge policy topics related to information and communication technology (ICT) and society (typically no more than 5,000 words), student research, and book reviews. Manuscripts should be submitted in MSWord. In the event I/S accepts your manuscript for publication, you would keep the copyright and give to I/S a free, perpetual, nonexclusive license to provide for the publication (or republication) of your work. We require only that I/S be the first print venue for the work we accept and that I/S be credited as the original venue in any subsequent publication.

Because our examination of unsolicited manuscripts entails a combination of student and professional review, manuscripts proposed for publication in any given academic year must typically reach us by either May 1 or June 1 of the preceding academic year (for inclusion in the following winter and spring issues, respectively).  Inquiries concerning format, topic, or anything else may be forwarded to I/S at any time.

Authors interested in having their work considered for the future issues of I/S should submit their manuscripts to

CONTACT: Peter Shane
Faculty Editor
Moritz College of Law
55 West 12th Street
Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: (614) 688-3014