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Monday, August 18, 2014
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I/S Orientation

Online NSA Symposium

Below are preliminary working drafts of an articles to be included in a “paper symposium” to be published in I/S:  A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society on ‘NSA Surveillance:  Issues of Security, Privacy, and Civil Liberty,’  9 ISJLP ___ (2014).  The authors welcome reader comments:

NSA Surveillance:  Security, Privacy, and Civil Liberty 

Peter M. Shane, Foreward: The NSA and the Legal Regime for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance

Debating Legality 

John Yoo, The Legality of the National Security Agency’s Bulk Data Surveillance Programs

Katherine Strandburg, Membership Lists, Metadata, and Freedom of Association’s Specificity Requirement

Debating the Value of NSA Programs and of Their Secrecy 

Mark D. Young, National Insecurity: The Impacts of Illegal Disclosures of Classified Information

John Mueller and Mark G. Stewart, Secret without Reason and Costly without Accomplishment: Questioning the NSA’s Metadata Program

Assessing Civil Liberties Impacts 

Shayana Kadidal, NSA Surveillance: The Implications for Civil Liberties

Bryce Clayton Newell, The Massive Metadata Machine: Liberty, Power, and Secret Mass Surveillance in the U.S. and Europe

Prospects for Change 

Nathan Alexander Sales, Domesticating Programmatic Surveillance: Some Thoughts on the NSA Controversy

Stephen I. Vladeck, Standing and Secret Surveillance

Reed E. Hundt, Making No Secrets About It

Laura Donohue, FISA Reform

Keynote Essay 

Amitai Etzioni, A Cyber Age Privacy Doctrine: A Liberal Communitarian Approach