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Last night, the I/S Journal celebrated the end of the school year and a very successful symposium at Bucca Di Beppo. For an after party image of a few of the journal members and Professor & Advisor Peter Shane, please click here


The I/S Journal’s biggest symposium to date – the two-day March, 2015 conference entitled, “Big Data Future” – celebrated I/S’s tenth anniversary and brought together a richly multidisciplinary group of experts to explore the challenges and opportunities posed by the “Big Data” phenomenon.  Twenty conference papers went online at the start of 2016.  Look for issues 10:3 and 11:1 on our archive page here.

  • Conference videos and slide presentations are available here.



I/S has published its 2015 Privacy and Cybersecurity Issue covering a host of hot topics:  Noted computer scientist Lorrie Cranor (currently, the Federal Trade Commission’s Chief Technologist) has co-authored two privacy articles — one on smartphone data and the other on the utility of online trackers’ privacy policies.  Mailyn Fidler analyzes federal policy regarding “zero-day” software vulnerabilities — vulnerabilities known to the government, but not known to vendors and users.  Leading privacy law scholar Joel Reideberg and his team report on the effectiveness of “notice and choice” as a privacy protection strategy.  Tim Wiseman analyzes when criminal defendants, consistent with the Fifth Amendment, can be compelled to decrypt information within their control.  Leading off the volume is a fascinating article by communications scholar Meg Leta Ambrose that views our current big data revolution against the historical backdrop of the “probabilistic revolution” that occurred in the latter part of the first half of the nineteenth century.


Works in Progress can be found HERE.

  • Publication of any unsolicited manuscript in I/S/ depends on a favorable review by our demanding external board, and we are proud of everything that appears in our pages. Because of I/S‘s subject matter, many of our articles have potential to contribute to current law or policy debates even before we can move the manuscripts into print. At the authors’ request, we feature some of these manuscripts as “Works in Progress,” so that scholars and other interested readers can have immediate access to these forthcoming works, even as they proceed through final editing.