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Semester in Oxford Program

2014 Academic Program

British Public Law (3 credits)
taught by Georgia Law Professor Lori A. Ringhand

This course is an introduction to basic concepts of British public law. The course will examine the structure of British government and British constitutionalism; the respective roles of the Crown, courts and Parliament in British governance; the unique nature and function of the United Kingdom in relation to its member countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the regulation within British law of political parties, political participation and interest groups. The influence of European Law within the British legal system also may be addressed.

Comparative Constitutional Law (3 credits)
taught by Georgia Law Professor Lori A. Ringhand

All rights-protective democratic systems of government have to deal with the problem of balancing the civil rights and liberties of individuals against the power of legislative majorities to govern. This course examines how different legal systems grapple with this dilemma. It does so by considering how different constitutional texts, governmental structures and social and legal traditions shape juridical responses to common questions about rights. The course will begin with a basic introduction to the legal systems of various countries. We will then read English-language translations of cases from different legal systems that address similar issues. The readings will include hate speech cases from Germany, Israel and the United States; religious freedom cases from Turkey, France and the United Kingdom; abortion cases from Germany, France and the United States; and political speech cases from Israel and Turkey.

European Union Law (3 credits)
taught by Oxford Professor Cathryn Costello

Designed to enable student to understand EU legal system and institutions as they evolve. Experts from Brussels teach discrete parts of the course. Topics include: introduction to the history and nature of the European Union (EU); law-making and administrative institutions and processes in the EU; economic sectoral policies, including competition and state aids, transport and agriculture; the internal market, including the freedoms (movement of goods, workers, capital, services); harmonization of national laws process, including company law, intellectual property, tax; external economic trade policy (common commercial policy); the impact of the Single European Act and the Treaty on European Union, including the expanded economic, commercial, social and political scope of the EU; the role of the European Economic Area.

Congress and Parliament in Comparative Perspective (1 credit)
taught by Georgia Senator and US ambassador Wyche Fowler

This course will explore and compare the legal duties and structures of the U.S. Congress and the British Parliament. Topics covered will include the legislative process; the roles and legal obligations involving campaign financing, the media and interest groups; and the relationship between the executive and the legislature in relation to national security issues.

Supervised Research Tutorial (3 credits)
This course is modeled on the format of the justly renowned Oxford tutorial. Each tutor will meet periodically with a small number of students. Meetings will be devoted to planning or revising the students' individual research papers, to be completed by the end of the semester. Law students will participate in groups of three or four with their individual tutors (professors).