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Three Moritz Students Excel in New Mediation Competition

A team from the Moritz College of Law successfully tested both their advocacy and mediation skills in a brand new mediation competition. The three student team of Wan Kim ’12, Allison Tuesday ’12, and Amanda Parker ’12, reached the championship round of the first annual Great Lakes Mediation Tournament held in Ann Arbor, Michigan on February 4-5.

The tournament was attended by a diverse group of twelve teams from around the Great Lakes region, with schools from both the U.S. and Canada represented. Students who went to the competition were able to network with mediation students from around the region. "I got to meet students from many different schools and see how they approached the same situation differently. The different mediating styles were definitely the most interesting part of the competition," said competitor Kim.

At the tournament, every school fielded three person teams where students took the role of mediator, advocate and client. Each student rotated through each role in the three preliminary rounds, which consisted of a business dispute, a divorce settlement, and a landlord tenant case. While no competitor mediated with a lawyer / client team from their own school, the total score of mediator and lawyer / client teams from all three rounds determined advancement to the four-team championship round.

“Mediating in a competitive setting really helps students sharpen their skills and makes them think through how to be effective as a mediator,” said Langdon Fellow in Dispute Resolution Rishi Batra, who coached the Moritz team. “More importantly, the feedback that they receive from a variety of skilled professionals gives them perspective on how these problems are approached in practice.”

In addition to coaching the teams, Rishi Batra served as the Moritz representative to the tournament committee, along with Professor Sarah Cole. They helped design the format, determine judging standards, and set the rules for the new competition.

The tournament was held at the Ann Arbor campus of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Organizers hope to make it an annual event. Students who are interested in competing next year should contact Professor Batra ( For more information on the tournament, see

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