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Moritz College of Law Continues Success in Representation in Mediation Competition

The Ohio State Moritz College of Law continued its tradition of success in the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution’s Representation in Mediation Competition, taking both first and second place at the regional competition and sending a team to the national competition. The Moritz team of Ramsey Reid ’11 and Jessica Kim ’11 came in first place at the Region 5 finals, just besting the second place team from Moritz, Amanda Parker ’12 and Nicholas Torres ’12.

The Representation in Mediation competition gives students a chance to test their negotiation and advocacy skills in the setting of a mediated dispute. Teams compete as lawyer and client pairs in a two-on-two format, with a non-competing mediator as a neutral third party in the room. The teams are judged on dispute resolution skills such as problem solving, option generation and use of the mediation process, as well as lawyering skills including opening statements, brief preparation, and client advocacy.

“The competition was a great way for me to practice real lawyering skills,” said runner-up Amanda Parker. "It was great practice for me in the future when I will represent clients. I learned a lot about how to think through a client's negotiating position, and how I can get the best result for them. I am glad I got to represent Moritz at the tournament."

The regional competition this year was held at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville College of Law on March 11th and 12th. Moritz College of Law competes in Region 5, which encompasses law schools from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia. To qualify for the regional competition, the teams won an intra-school competition held at Moritz in late January. In that competition, Reid and Kim came in second to the first place team of Parker and Elbert Aull ’12. Showing the depth of talent in dispute resolution at Moritz, Torres, who was on the 3rd place team in the intra-school competition, substituted for Aull due to a scheduling conflict.

By winning the regional competition, Reid and Kim qualified for the national competition, held at the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution Spring Conference, held April 13-16 in Denver, Colorado. Despite a strong showing, they did not advance to the 4 team final in that competition.

Team coaches Dottie Painter and Marya Kolman are very happy with the teams’ performance. “Both of our teams were very strong,” said Kolman, who also serves as an adjunct faculty member teaching Negotiation at Moritz. "Our teams worked very hard, and the results show that. They represented Moritz well, and we are very proud of all of them. We would have felt confident to take either team to Nationals."

Ohio State has had a long tradition of success in the Representation in Mediation Competition, sending a team to the national competition five out of the last six years, including this year. Team member Ramsey Reid credits that to the experience he gained throughout his law school career.

“My experience in the ABA Mediation Competition wasn't just four days in Denver; it started with Professor Cole and Professor Stulberg and all of the Moritz ADR faculty from whom I learned the extraordinary value in the process of mediation. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have studied mediation advocacy in depth, and then sampled what strategies worked best with our coaches during preparation.”

Students interested in competing next year should contact the Moot Court and Lawyering Skills program, which will hold the qualifier in January of 2012.

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