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Rick Miller, When in Rome...

Rick Miller '10

Rick Miller, ADR Certificate recipient and member of the class of 2010, recently completed a fellowship in the international division of Rome’s ADR Center, a member of JAMS International and one of the largest private dispute resolution providers in continental Europe. After participating in the class hooding on Friday, May 14, Rick swiftly flew to Italy to begin work on the morning of Monday, May 17. The office, located in Rome’s business district one block from the Spanish Steps, serves as the Center’s European hub for mediation, negotiation, and conflict management services.

“With the adoption of the EU Directive on Mediation, there is a big push in the European Union to implement ADR practices,” Rick noted. “I felt really fortunate to be working in Europe during this period of transition.”

As part of his responsibilities at the ADR Center, Rick helped to draft final report summaries and project proposals for initiatives sponsored by the European Commission’s Civil Justice Programme. He also assisted Giuseppe De Palo, President of the ADR Center and International Professor of ADR Law and Practice at Hamline University School of Law, in researching and writing ADR articles for submission to Italian and American law and negotiation journals.

As the only native English speaker, Rick’s tasks included some noteworthy assignments. “During my second week in the office,” he added, “I was asked to contribute some humor to and ‘spice up’ a script of a mock commercial mediation, to be conducted in English, for a European Union ADR conference in Milan. As it turned out, while helping out at the conference I was asked to fill in for one of the participants and rehearse the mediation skit on stage. To listen to prominent European attorneys and mediators, for whom English was a second or maybe third or fourth language, recite lines and puns with an unintended, deadpan delivery was quite memorable.”

Rick grappled with language barriers as an undergraduate while studying abroad in Italy, but working full-time in an Italian office was a new experience. Fortunately, acclimating to the institutional culture at the ADR Center was not difficult. “There was a real warmth to the office,” Rick recalled. “Everyone at the Center was gracious and welcoming. A lot like being a student at Moritz, I quickly got the sense I would be working with friends, not mere colleagues.”

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