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Certificate in Dispute Resolution Allows Students to Distinguish Themselves

The Certificate in Dispute Resolution is a way for students interested in dispute resolution to distinguish themselves as qualified to meet the challenges of today’s holistic, problem-solving legal market. Students that complete the requirements for the certificate are honored by the College of Law with a special notation on their transcript as well as a separate document from the JD Diploma, which certifies them as having advanced knowledge and practical experience in the field of dispute resolution.

To receive the Certificate, students must (1) earn 15 course credits at the College of Law that have been approved as part of the Certificate Program by the faculty administrator and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and (2) successfully complete a 112 hour externship requirement.

As part of the course requirement, a student must take either the Mediation Practicum or the Multiparty Mediation Practicum. The student must also earn credit in an approved dispute resolution seminar, which may include the mediation practicum when it is taught as a seminar, in which the student completes a substantial and high quality scholarly paper in the dispute resolution field.

Externship hours include any work resolving disputes, expanding comfort level in and exposure to different dispute resolution processes, teaching about dispute resolution, or conducting research and consultation on dispute resolution. The 112 hours may be completed through a single placement or through a series of activities during the summers and/or the student’s career at the College of Law. A student receives externship hour credit for any experience in the ADR field that he or she is not required to complete for a class and/or does not receive an academic credit for. Students can receive credit for externship hours while performing paid activities.

If you are interested in the Certificate, please see the web site or contact the Langdon Fellow in Dispute Resolution, Rishi Batra for more information.

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