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Spotlight: Summer in Oxford Program

Several Mortiz students had a fantastic summer in England, while learning about ADR. These students participated in the Summer in Oxford Program, which allows students from many different law schools to study at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, with faculty from both Oxford and Mortiz. The program was co-directed this year by alternative dispute resolution professor Josh Stulberg.

"This is a remarkable opportunity for students," says Stulberg. "They are encouraged - indeed, required - to study targeted aspects of law on a comparative basis, thereby importantly expanding their perspective on how different legal systems address human challenges. Their learning as lawyers - and future members of the profession - is strengthened by lectures and trips, such as their visit to Middle Temple and the Old Bailey courts in London. And, finally, of course, their systematic exposure to persons of different backgrounds, through personal travel or simply interacting with persons of multiple backgrounds at Oxford, enrich their appreciation of the meaning of living in a global society. For many students, the overall experience is energizing, challenging, exciting - and transformative."

Students can take up to 6 semester credits towards their degree, which this year included 2 credits of “Comparative Dispute Resolution” taught by Stulberg.

“It really helped us realize how dispute resolution is different throughout the world,” says 2L Heather Sobel, one of the Moritz students who participated this year. “It gave us an international perspective we don’t always get in our regular classes.”

The Program also included numerous educational and cultural side trips, with a legal bent. Students visited courts in London, including the Old Bailey,, the English Inns of Court, and the Houses of Parliament. Trips were also scheduled to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, Windsor Castle, and Runnymede.

“The trips were great,” says Sobel, “We got to see how an English court operates, and we even spoke with an English barrister who allowed us to examine his court wig and explained to us the significance of the traditional court costume.”

Oxford University was founded in the twelfth century and is known worldwide as a premier institution of higher education. The students were housed at St. Anne's, one of Oxford's newest colleges, which has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. It is also located close to all of Oxford's other colleges and libraries as well as the downtown shopping district.

Next summer, the Program will also be headed by an alternative dispute resolution faculty member, Professor Sarah Cole. Interested students should contact her for more information.

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