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This was a busy year of travel for PDR faculty, who presented far and wide on a range of dispute resolution topics.

Professor John Quigley went to Jerusalem in November 2013, where he delivered a lecture on “International Law and the Palestine-Israel Conflict” as part of the Sabeel 9th International Conference at the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and then spoke about and signed his book, The Statehood of Palestine.

In February 2014, Erin Archerd, the Langdon Fellow in Dispute Resolution, and Kelly Bott Smith, Moritz Class of ’98, travelled to the Association for Student Conduct Administration Conference in St. Pete, Florida to share tips about the formation and administration of The Ohio State University’s Student Mediation Program, a service run jointly by the Moritz College of Law and the Office of Student Conduct.

The end of February marked the Journal on Dispute Resolution Symposium. This year’s Symposium looked at “Dispute Resolution in Special Education” and featured a host of Moritz faculty moderating or presenting, including Erin Archerd, Sarah Cole, Ruth Colker, and Ellen E. Deason. Upcoming issues of the Journal on Dispute Resolution will publish a transcript of the Symposium’s panel looking at state practices in special education dispute resolution, as well as articles by many of the presenters. More information about the speakers and topics discussed at the Symposium can be found on the Journal on Dispute Resolution website. Special thanks and kudos are due to the many members of JDR who helped run the Symposium, including Symposium Editors Carolyn Cole ’14 and Nick Uzl ’14.

In April, PDR packed the halls at the American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution Conference in Miami, Florida. Professor Joseph (“Josh”) Stulberg kicked things off as part of a panel on “Institutionalization, Integration and Innovation in Court ADR.” Erin Archerd spoke at a panel about “Calming the Waters: Upstream Dispute System Design Principles and Practices for Smoother Sailing.” Professor Rishi Batra, the 2010-2012 Langdon Fellow, and now Assistant Professor at Texas Tech School of Law, presented as part of a panel about “Making a Deal in Criminal Law – Dispute Resolution Perspectives on Plea Bargaining.” Professor Kristen Blankley, Moritz Class of 2004 and Assistant Professor of Law at Nebraska College of Law, spoke at the Arbitration Case Law Update. Professor Sarah Cole did double duty, speaking on a panel looking at “Representation and ADR: Ethical Issues Created by Non-Lawyer and Lawyer Representation in Mediation and Arbitration” and joining Professor Ellen E. Deason on a panel on “Implications of Psychology for Structuring Roles in Dispute Resolution.”

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