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Elizabeth Wiseman and Elisabeth McClear Win 2013 Rogers Prize in Dispute Resolution

From left to right: Judges Chris Fairman and Sarah Cole, Prize Winners Elisabeth McClear and Elizabeth Wiseman, and Prof. Nancy H. Rogers.

3L Elizabeth Wiseman and 2L Elisabeth McClear won the 2013 Nancy H. Rogers Prize in Dispute Resolution. The award recognizes the two students who, in the judgment of a committee of faculty members who teach dispute resolution, wrote research papers in dispute resolution that reflect the analytical rigor and intellectual breadth associated with highly-regarded scholarly contributions.

The faculty committee of Professors Amy Cohen, Sarah Cole, and Chris Fairman dedicated their Spring break to reading through and discussing the nominees, and awarded the $350 First Prize to Ms. Wiseman for her paper, Time to Settle Up: A Proposal for Redesigning Consumer Debt Mediation Systems in the Courts.

In it, Ms. Wiseman questions the utility of the standard facilitative model of mediation used in venues like small claims courts for consumer debt collection cases, and argues that improvements need to be made in screening and referral methods, as well as to the process of mediation itself. For instance, she suggests that mediators in consumer debt cases obtain an early settlement request from the plaintiff and immediately caucus with the defendant.

The Second Prize of $150 went to Elisabeth McClear for her paper, Empathy: Why Mediation Should Use the Lodestar of Human Behavior to Inform Design and Finely Tailor the Forum to the Fuss. In it, Ms. McClear looks at the scientific research on empathy and the ways it might be improved in mediators and parties to benefit both understanding and settlement in the mediation process.

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