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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Wins Prestigious ADR Writing Awards


The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution was recently honored by the CPR Institute for three articles published in the 26th Volume. The Journal won Outstanding Original Professional Article and two Outstanding Original Student Articles.

The Outstanding Original Professional Article was Court-Connected Settlement Procedures: Mediation and Judicial Settlement Conferences by Roselle L. Wissler, 26 Ohio St. J. on D.R. 271-326 (2011). This award recognizes an article published by academics and other professionals that advances understanding in the field of ADR, and is one of the highest honors an ADR journal article can receive.

Two Class of 2011 Moritz graduates also were recognized by the CPR Institute in the Outstanding Original Student Article category. Michael Diamond wrote the article 'Energized' Negotiations: Mediating Disputes Over the Siting of Interstate Electronic Transmission Lines, and Nate Mealy wrote Mediation’s Potential Role in International Cultural Property Disputes. Both authors wrote their articles as members of the Journal’s staff.

“I was focused on energy law even before going to law school and knew in advance that I would want to incorporate a hot topic in the energy world into my note,” Diamond said. “I had written a paper about conflicts in the siting of wind turbines in Ohio for Professor Rogers' mediation practicum, so I had a bit of an understanding of the difficulties inherent in siting large energy facilities, particularly with respect to private property interests. I was also familiar with the Supreme Court's Kelo decision from my Property class with Professor Cohen. From that point, I just did some research and came across the issue of siting interstate transmission lines.” Diamond now works at a small law firm in Washington, D.C. that represents purchasers of natural gas electricity from interstate lines, under jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

“This really speaks to the overall quality of the Journal”, said JDR Advisor Professor Nancy Rogers, “from student work to lead articles and editing. The students working on the Journal should be very proud.”

The CPR Institute is a nonprofit think-tank established as the Center for Public Resources in 1979. It serves as a global resource for corporations and legal counsel seeking best practices in conflict management and resolution of complex business-related disputes. Each year, CPR recognizes innovative processes, techniques, systems, commitment, and scholarship in the resolution, prevention, and management of major disputes.

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