Increasingly, disputants are utilizing processes other than traditional courtroom litigation to find satisfactory resolutions to their problems. Negotiation, mediation, and other processes help parties to a controversy reach more mutually satisfying outcomes, often more efficiently. Moritz has one of the finest programs in alternative dispute resolution, and the program is consistently ranked in the top five nationally each year. Selected program activities include:

Certificate in Dispute Resolution

The Program on Dispute Resolution offers over 20 courses on various topics in the field, from commercial arbitration to inter-ethnic conflict resolution. Students who enroll in a minimum 15 credit hours of ADR courses and complete an externship requirement are awarded a Certificate in Dispute Resolution. The Program’s signature course, the Mediation Practicum, is offered every semester. As part of this course, students are able mediate legal disputes in courts and other venues throughout the Columbus area.

Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

While in law school, selected students can edit and write articles for the award-winning Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution. The journal, now in its 25th year of publication, is the official law journal of the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution. The JDR is also the most cited journal by other journals. ADR students and faculty also publish the electronic Mayhew-Hite Report, which brings news from the field to lawyers and educators around the country.

Lawrence Negotiation Competition

Each year, students can participate in the Lawrence Negotiation Competition. Students can participate in a range of activities, including a targeted workshop or classes designed to assist students understand theoretical concepts and performance skills; speakers, both academics and practitioners, discuss frameworks and strategies for conducting negotiations; and the competition.

Schwartz Lecture

Through the generosity of the family of Stanley Schwartz Jr. ’47, the College annually offers a lecture on a dispute resolution topic by distinguished scholars and practitioners. Recent presenters have included such preeminent scholars as Jim Fishkin (Stanford), Larry Susskind (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Francis McGovern (Duke), and Amy Gutmann (Princeton) and such distinguished jurists as Harry T. Edwards and Dorothy Nelson.