Program on Dispute Resolution

The Moritz College of Law, Home of the 2016 U.S. News and World Report’s Number One Ranked Dispute Resolution Program, offers many opportunities for students to learn and practice Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques while in law school, culminating in the Certificate in Dispute Resolution.  A complete description of the Certificate Program along with the 2016-2017 Alternative Dispute Resolution Course Guide is now available!

The Program on Dispute Resolution trains future lawyers in an array of processes other than litigation, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. The importance of dispute resolution methods is increasing as courts explore other means of solving the volume of cases before them and clients seek out ways to avoid litigation. The program also emphasizes the value of designing dispute resolution systems tailored to the needs of public and private institutions, including the on-going Aviation Dispute Resolution Initiative and the iterative Divided Community Project.

All law students should consider enrolling in at least one Program on Dispute Resolution course. Those with an especially strong interest can serve as a member or editor of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution or as a research assistant to one of the law faculty teaching in this area.

Lawrence Negotiation 2015 blog
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Pictured above: The Lawrence Competition 2015

The Moritz College of Law offers unparalleled opportunities for students to study dispute resolution issues.

  • Ten law faculty regularly offer courses in dispute resolution, and six other faculty offer a unit on negotiation, mediation, or arbitration within another course offerings.
  • Law students who complete 15 credit hours in ADR courses and satisfy the externship requirement are awarded a Certificate in Dispute Resolution upon graduation.
  • In the Mediation Clinic, one of the nation’s longest running clinics, students mediate actual disputes in local court systems.
  • In the Dispute System Design Workshop, students work with outside clients to design customized systems for addressing disputes.
  • Students edit and write articles for the award-winning Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, which is the journal of record for the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution.
  • Students participate as research assistants on public policy initiatives involving dispute resolution processes.
  • Nationally prominent scholars and practitioners deliver lectures and symposia on critical dispute resolution issues, including the annual Schwartz and Lawrence Lectures.
  • Students participate in arbitration, mediation advocacy, and negotiation competitions regionally and nationally, including the annual Lawrence Negotiation Competition (pictured above).
  • Students work on their own and with faculty mediating disputes at The Ohio State University and in public schools in Franklin County.

“[T]he courts increasingly offer mediation and other dispute resolution processes, not just trials and appeals, to help people find satisfactory ways to end their disputes. The best of the next generation of lawyers will be adept in their use of negotiation, mediation, and other processes to help their clients settle disagreements.”

Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer
Supreme Court of Ohio (1987-2010)
1964 Graduate of The Ohio State University
Moritz College of Law