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Moritz Experts Discuss the U.S. Supreme Court

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law U.S. Supreme Court podcasts utilize faculty experts from specific areas of law to discuss cases decided or pending by the Court, trends in the Court's decisions, or other issues facing the Court. Moritz faculty includes seven former Supreme Court clerks and experts from nearly every area of the law. The podcasts are intended for scholars, students, legal professionals and journalists looking for thoughtful and concise commentary on some of the most pressing legal cases today. To subscribe, configure your podcasting client accordingly, and have it point to http://moritzlaw.osu.edu/podcasts/scotus_feed.php [See U.S. Supreme Court Podcasts by Moritz Experts]

Moritz Events

Many events held at the Moritz College of Law are now available via podcast. Configure your podcasting client accordingly, and have it point to http://streaming.osu.edu/podcast/law08/podcast.xml

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a simple technology that lets you subscribe to audio broadcasts via the Internet. Those broadcasts - which are really just MP3 audio files - are downloaded to your computer automatically, and then, if you wish, sent to your handheld MP3 audio player. All of it can be set up to work in the background, on a schedule. Read more about podcasting at Wikipedia

Podcasting Instructions

How do I do it?
First, you'll need to install a podcasting application. There are lots of programs out there, so here are some free ones you can try:

Next you need to "subscribe" to the feed. To do this, simply copy and paste the URL into the "Add feed" area of the program. After adding the feed, you may need to click "Check for new podcasts" or "Update feeds" to begin downloading. Each application works differently, so if you're having trouble, try visiting the Web site for the program you installed.

If you have questions or problems, email us.