THE PROGRAM ON LAW AND LEADERSHIP seeks to produce a deeper understanding of leadership that is both intellectually stimulating and personally significant for law students to use throughout their lives for individual success – in their careers, communities, and society. As calls for effective leadership grow louder, the preparation of a new generation of skilled lawyer-leaders begins here.

LEARNING TO LEAD: The Initiatives
THE PROGRAM ON LAW AND LEADERSHIP is built on seven key components that bring students and leaders together, help students expand upon their leadership styles, and make leadership an integral part of the law school experience. These truly unique initiatives add unquestionable value to students’ education as they learn the theory, practice, and development of leadership and leadership skills.

Among other notable leaders, THE PROGRAM ON LAW AND LEADERSHIP hosted Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. As part of this two-day event, the Justice was interviewed by Dean Alan C. Michaels. The interview is below:

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