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Once a Buckeye

November 30, 2015

Joseph DiPasquale ’12 and Whitney Siehl ’13 celebrate the Buckeyes big win over TTUN (that team up north) with an oceanfront O-H-I-O with Siehl’s family. Bowl game travel packages for students and alumni will be available next week.  Fingers crossed for a sunny, warm destination!


Giving Thanks, Giving Back


Called to Congress

Margot Kaminski, assistant professor at the Moritz School of Law, testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, DC, on Nov. 19, 20015, in a hearing on drones.  Photo:  Jay Mallin

Building Relationships

women lawyers government

Dress for Success

Dress for Success bloh

International Partners

ACM Mexico two blog

“He loved the Constitution.”

Wil Haygood Showdown

Women in Business Leadership

women business leadership

Reunion Tailgate

Reunion 2015 blog

The heat of the moment

Lawrence Negotiation 2015 blog

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