The Law School Magazine  ·  Winter 2013

Ric Simmons


The Creepy Factor: Technological innovation creates new wave of privacy regulation

For the average American, the morning may begin with checking email and scrolling through one’s Facebook feed before even getting out of bed. During the morning commute, a GPS satellite interfaces with the car’s computer, giving directions to the...

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All eyes on the court

Moritz professors are intensely watching the October 2012 term of the Supreme Court of the United States. There are major cases in constitutional law, business law, and copyright law pending this term, which will wrap up in June. Amgen Inc. v. Con...

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Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom

Two Moritz evidence professors, Deborah Jones Merritt and Ric Simmons, have released a new evidence casebook, published by West Academic Publishing in 2009, that is expected to be an important entrant to West’s American Casebook Series. However, th...

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