The Law School Magazine  ·  Winter 2013

Peter Swire


The Creepy Factor: Technological innovation creates new wave of privacy regulation

For the average American, the morning may begin with checking email and scrolling through one’s Facebook feed before even getting out of bed. During the morning commute, a GPS satellite interfaces with the car’s computer, giving directions to the...

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D.C. summer program celebrates milestone, memories, molding careers

At 11:30 p.m. one November evening in 2008, the night before sign-ups for the Washington, D.C., Summer Program, Adam Heider ’11 answered his phone. “There are already five people in line,” his friend told him. Heider, then a 1L, knew he wanted ...

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Professor Swire Returns to Moritz After Stint in White House

Like many owners of a smartphone, when Professor Peter Swire awoke in the wee hours of the morning last winter, his message box was full of e-mails. But, unlike most people who awake to discount offers, blast e-mails and news alerts, Swire was readin...

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30 Years After Airline Deregulation: Who is the Big Winner?

It has been a rough year for the airline industry, to say the least.  High overhead costs, fluctuating fuel prices, and costly labor contracts have left airlines scrambling for every last penny in fliers’ pockets. The rash of cancelled flights, in...

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