The Law School Magazine  ·  Winter 2014

Daniel Tokaji


Moritz professors preview Supreme Court term

“The last term was a blockbuster term. It is a very exciting time to be a lawyer. This term promises some of the same excitement,” Dean Alan C. Michaels said. Several professors at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law sat down to previ...

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What Made the Farrakhan v. Gregoire Ruling Landmark?

Farrakhan v. Gregoire considered the state of Washington’s law disenfranchising people who have been convicted of felonies. The court concluded that Washington’s felony disenfranchisement law violates the Voting Rights Act because of its dispropo...

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Lessons Learned: Looking Back on Election Day 2008

In the days leading up to the Nov. 4 elections, the tension in the fourth floor faculty offices at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law continued to build.  But the pressure was not about who would win, but rather: would the election run ...

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School Integration Then and Now

Carlotta Walls was taught at a young age that a good education is the key to success.  The gifted teenager undoubtedly had no idea this principle, instilled by her parents, would lead to her becoming an icon in American civil rights history. During ...

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