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Challenges in Providing Equal Education to All
The statistics are dismal. More black males drop out of high school than actually graduate. When comparing the United States to other industrialized n... Continue Reading →
Professor Swire Returns to Moritz After Stint in White House
Like many owners of a smartphone, when Professor Peter Swire awoke in the wee hours of the morning last winter, his message box was full of e-mails. B... Continue Reading →
Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Celebrates 25th Anniversary
When Marcia Egbert ’85 and James Demetry ’85 began tip-toeing through the steps necessary to create a second academic journal at The Ohio State Un... Continue Reading →
Program on Law and Leadership Workshops Provide Hands-On Leadership Training
While business schools started implementing leadership training and education decades ago, law schools have historically failed to focus on the cultiv... Continue Reading →
Saxbe Made Impact at Moritz, in Ohio, across Nation
William B. Saxbe ’48 passed away on Aug. 24, 2010 at the age of 94. He was a former U.S. senator and served as U.S. attorney general under President... Continue Reading →
Teach For America Leaves Lasting Impact on Moritz Students
There are currently 16 Moritz students who are alumni of Teach For America (TFA). Ask for a volunteer to talk about their experience and 16 hands shoo... Continue Reading →

Alumni Profiles


The Bazlers Gift Supports Moritz, Agriculture

We will all have legacies: those personality traits or significant acts that will be remembered for years in the future. The legacies of Frank Bazler ’53 and his wife, Ginni, will undoubtedly include the couple’s unwavering generosity to The Ohio...

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Dan Elliott ’89 Chairman, Surface Transportation Board

While growing up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Dan Elliott ’89 admittedly didn’t pay much attention to the vast system of trains and railroads that surround the greater Cleveland area. Today, Elliott can’t stop thinking about those rails – in Clev...

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William Isaac ’69 Chairman of the Board at Fifth Third Bancorp

If there was a memo explaining to William Isaac ’69 that he could start to slow down a bit at this stage in his career, he never received it. Isaac, who chaired the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation during the volatile years of 1981 through 198...

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Career Paths: Ellen Sheffield ’81 Book Artist

As an artist, Ellen Sheffield ’81 deals mostly with abstract shapes. However, with her law degree she seems to have gone a full — geometrical — circle. Sheffield entered the Moritz College of Law as an art education graduate of Case Wes...

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The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

 As the United States celebrates the nation’s “triumph over race” with the election of Barack Obama, the majority of young black men in major American cities are locked behind bars or have been labeled felons for life. Ohio State University Mo...

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The Measure of Injury: Race, Gender and Tort Law

In The Measure of Injury: Race, Gender, and Tort Law, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Professor Martha Chamallas and Jennifer Wriggins, a University of Maine School of Law professor, put tort law under a critical magnifying glass and reve...

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What has the Obama presidency meant for the growth of presidential power?

In Madison’s Nightmare: Executive Power and the Threat to American Democracy (University of Chicago Press 2009), Professor Peter M. Shane wrote about what he describes as an accelerating trend since 1981 towards “presidentialism.” He observed a...

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From the Dean’s Desk

Two elements of the College’s values statement – excellence and innovation – have been a driving force behind much of our advancement in the past few months. The College, thanks to the help of alumni and friends, has recently announced the introduction of two terrific new programs. The College...

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