The Law School Magazine  ·  Spring 2010 : Dean's Letter

From the Dean’s Desk

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As detailed in this issue’s cover story, developments in law and the legal industry during the past decade have been vast and transformative. So too have been the changes we’ve made and experienced at Moritz. We’ve added new programs, strengthened our faculty, and continued to improve the credentials of our student body with each entering class. If the past 10 years were a lesson in adapting to the unpredictable, we’re prepared for what the next 10 years has in store and are confident the College will continue on its same trajectory.

It would be impossible to reminisce about the 2000s and not mention the generosity of Michael E. Moritz ’61 and his family in making the largest single donation in the University’s history to the College, and the decision to rename the law school in his honor. During this decade, the size of the faculty grew and led to an improved student-faculty ratio. With this growth, the College has continued to prioritize the recruitment and retention of creative and effective law teachers, who are also leading legal researchers in their fields. In addition, throughout the decade, the academic and professional accomplishments of each entering class have improved reaching record-setting median LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs. We’ve started several new academic programs, including a Master of Laws (LL.M.) program for foreign-trained lawyers, the Election Law @ Moritz program, and the Program on Law and Leadership.

And any look down memory lane deserves a glimpse into the future. So, what major developments may come during the next decade at Moritz? In the curriculum, we will expand our offering of professional skills courses, which have been encouraged by our alumni and recommended by influential studies about the legal profession. We’ll consider making permanent professional problem-solving capstones, which are currently in a pilot stage. We’ll likely be adding faculty who specialize in transactional and intellectual property law. And, as legal areas evolve and emerge, we will strengthen our team with experts in those budding fields. We also expect to double the size of our LL.M. program in the next five years. We have just begun to see the benefits of bringing an international perspective to Moritz both in LL.M. and J.D. courses alike.

All of the College’s achievements of the past decade can be traced back to the generosity and vigor of our alumni. In the past decade, the College launched and completed its most successful development campaign of all time. But the work will not stop. Efforts to make the law school better and more affordable for future students never cease.

In the past decade, Moritz transcended to a new level of legal education. Together we can continue to excel along the same path.



Alan C. Michaels

Dean and Edwin M. Cooperman Professor of Law