Important Reminders

Posted on June 27, 2017

We are rapidly approaching the coming academic year, and we have some important notes and reminders.

  • Please sign up for the Mentoring and More Program @ Moritz. This program provides all students with the opportunity to network and meet American attorneys. You can read more and sign up online at Please note that the deadline to apply is August 4th.
  • If you have not met with your local U.S. consulate/embassy to get your F-1 visa, please contact them and sign up for an appointment immediately. Obtaining a visa is a long process, so please make sure you start early enough to be able to enter the country and start the LL.M. orientation on August 15th.
  • Please log on to your student center at and check to make sure you are registered for all of the correct classes.
  • Please log on to your student center at and check your “to do list.” Please start completing the items on your “to do list.”
  • If you have not secured housing, please do so as soon as possible. For more information about housing please visit our blog post from March 30th about housing.
  • Please follow up regarding your vaccine records. For more information about the vaccine requirements, please visit our blog post from April 7th or contact the student health center at