The Moritz College of Law Calendar

Posted on April 21, 2017

Please bookmark the link to the Moritz College of Law academic calendar. It’s important to note that it differs from The Ohio State University calendar; you should always refer to the college calendar for exam dates and dates when the college will be closed.

A few notes about the calendar…

  • The LL.M. orientation actually starts on August 15th. Please be in Columbus before that date. If you are participating in the ALLP program, which is highly encouraged by the law school, you need to arrive in Columbus on July 24th.
  • Please note the distinction between “offices closed” and “no classes.”  There will be some holidays for which there are no classes, but the business offices of the college (including ours) will be open.
  • “Reading days” are just that:  a time to read and study for exams.
  • Exam schedules are created and posted by the registrar’s office.  If you have more than one exam on one day, you may ask for one to be rescheduled.  It is possible that a rescheduled exam might be scheduled after the last exam day posted in the calendar.  Consider this when you are making any plans to return home!