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Opinio Juris - February 2011

Scroll down to read about Dodd-Frank legislative history, Judge Posner's Bluebook critique, Gongwer News Service, a new title of the U.S. Code, and a decline in blogging.

Dodd-Frank Legislative History

HeinOnline's new Taxation & Economic Reform in America library contains an extensive legislative history of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation enacted last year. The history, spanning 15 volumes and 146 documents, includes Congressional reports, floor debate, Presidential remarks, related bills, related hearings, Congressional Budget Office reports, and all versions of the bill. Users can search the entire collection of documents or within specific documents. Access the Taxation & Economic Reform collection on-campus or off-campus with OSU authentication.

Bluebook Blues

Judge Richard Posner's review of the 19th edition of the Bluebook recently appeared in the Yale Law Journal. The review, titled "The Bluebook Blues," is extremely unfavorable. Judge Posner writes that the Bluebook is "remote from the functional need for legal citation forms" and "serves obscure needs of the legal culture and its student subculture." He uses the term “hypertrophy” to describe the Bluebook’s uncontrolled growth to the current edition’s length of 511 pages. An appendix to the review sets forth Posner's alternative citation scheme.

Gongwer News Service

Gongwer News Service provides online access to extensive news and information on Ohio state government. Gongwer publishes the Ohio Report, a daily publication available online from 2003 to present. Older versions of the Ohio Report are available in print from Moritz Law Library and the State Library of Ohio. Recent issues have focused heavily on the Senate bill proposing to abolish public employee collective bargaining. Users can opt to receive an RSS feed via email or via a feed reader such as Google Reader. Click here to access Gongwer from Drinko Hall.

New U.S. Code Title

There is a new title of the U.S. Code: Title 51, National and Commercial Space Programs, created by H.R. 3237. The U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Law Revision Counsel explains that the title does not establish new federal programs nor does it modify or repeal existing programs. Rather, the title is a re-organization and restatement of existing provisions. Sections now in Title 51 had previously been in Title 15 (Commerce and Trade), Title 42 (The Public Health and Welfare), and Title 49 (Transportation). Rumor has it that new Titles 52-55 are on the way. The Law Revision Counsel provides more details on positive law codification.

A Decline in Blogging

A recent New York Times article indicates that blogging has declined in younger generations coinciding with the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The article cites a late 2010 report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, which found that between 2006 and 2009 blogging decreased substantially for the 12-17 age group and somewhat for the 18-33 age group over a similar period. See page three of the report for a brief summary of findings related to blogging. The report also found that there was an increase in blogging in most older generations and overall among adults.