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Opinio Juris - June 2009

Scroll down to learn about the LexOpus online law review submission service, the American President reference website, the Flare Index to Treaties, and the U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs (1832-1978) database.

LexOpus Online Law Review Submission Service

Washington and Lee Law School has created an online law review submission service called LexOpus. There is no fee for the authors or journals that use the serivce. According to Librarian John Doyle, LexOpus is not intended to direclty compete against Expresso, the popular law review submission system, as it will not simultaneously submit articles to multiple journals. Rather, authors select an ordered list of journals and the system makes the work available to each journal in sequence. Alternatively, authors may upload their works and invite offers from journals. Here is a list of participating journals and nonparticipating journals.

American President: an Online Reference Resource

The Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia has created the American President website. The site provides biographical facts, essays and other information for every U.S. president. The essays, reviewed by prominent scholars, cover the many aspects of each president's life. Essays are also provided for vice presidents, first ladies and the members of each president's cabinet. A speech archive is included for the presidents as well as multimedia galleries.

Flare Index to Treaties

The Flare Index to Treaties was created by Dr. Peter Clinch of Cardiff University and Steven Whittle of the University of London. The database is designed to provide researchers with a searchable, electronic resource for locating multilateral treaties. It contains entries for over 1,500 of the most significant multilateral treaties, with coverage from 1856 through the present. The Index provides details of where the full text of each treaty can be obtained in paper and electronic formats (if available). Unfortunately, bilateral treaties are not included in the database.

U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs (1832-1978) Database

The Library has access to Making of the Modern Law's U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs (1832-1978) database. The database contains nearly 11 million digitally scanned pages of records and briefs brought before the U.S. Supreme Court during the years 1832-1978. Numerous search options are available, including full-text searching, which make these records more acessible than ever before.

U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs (1832-1978) can be accessed here at the College.