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Opinio Juris - January 2009

Scroll down to learn about the Center for the Study of the Presidency, English Reports, the Polling the Nations database, ABA Journal's Top 100 Blog List, and the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations. For more information about other legal research topics, please visit the Library's blog.

Center for the Study of the Presidency

The Center for the Study of the Presidency is a non-profit organization with a mission to examine past successes and failures of the American Presidency and relate its findings to current challenges. The Center analyzes issues such as legislative/executive branch relations, geo-politics, health care, and environmental concerns. Reports, studies and other helpful documents are available to download from the Center's web site.

English Reports

The English Reports (1220-1873) are now freely available from the Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII). The English Reports reprint the published reports of English court decisions from the middle ages through the mid-19th century. CommonLII has the goal of providing a “common technical platform through which all Commonwealth countries can cooperatively provide access to their laws.” The English Reports are also available through the College’s subscription to HeinOnline (on-campus, off-campus).

Polling the Nations

Polling the Nations compiles data from more than 12,000 state, national, local and special surveys conducted by polling organizations in the United States and abroad.  When entering this database, not only can you search the numerous surveys, but you have the option of reading more about surveys in general, and a glossary of survey terminology is provided.  Once you enter the search screen, you can either choose to search a laundry list of pre-selected topics or by keyword; other search boxes, some with drop down menus, then allow you to further limit your search by geographic area, date range, source or the type of information you are seeking.  Your results are then provided in a table format, with each row on the table representing a single survey (clicking on any of the text in a given row will display the survey results). The Polling the Nations database can be accessed on-campus or off-campus with proper authentication

ABA Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs List

The ABA Journal has issued its second annual list of the top legal blogs. Doug Berman's Sentencing Law and Policy blog made the list once again.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Everyone is faced with a mystery abbreviation in a legal citation from time to time. These abbreviations are normally some combination of letters such as "I.R.C.L.", "Farm T.B.", "A.C.W.S.", "AIR", etc. The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations can help. Both publication titles and abbreviations can be searched in this easy to use database.