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Opinio Juris - October 2007

Scroll down to learn about the Index of Presidential Signing Statements (2001-2007), the Justice Blackmun Digital Archive, the Foreign Law Guide, District Court Transcripts on PACER, and Get Your FBI File. For more information about other legal research topics, please visit the Library's blog.

Index of Presidential Signing Statements (2001-2007)

The American Constitution Society is making the Index of Presidential Signing Statements, 2001-2007, available online. The Index is described on the website:

"A comprehensive index of presidential signing statements issued between 2001 and 2007. The index, compiled by Neil Kinkopf, associate professor of law at Georgia State University College of Law and former special assistant in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, provides a comprehensive list of every provision of a law objected to by the White House in a signing statement, the reason for the objection, and a link to the relevant signing statement."

Update: The Index is co-authored by Moritz's own Peter Shane. A version of the table, with a context setting introduction, is available at SSRN.

Justice Blackmun Digital Archive

Northwestern University Law School Professor Lee Epstein has created a digital archive containing some of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun's papers from the Library of Congress. The archive currently contains PDF files of docket sheets and preliminary (pool) memoranda from Justice Blackmun's term on the Rehnquist Court, 1986-1993.

Foreign Law Guide

The Foreign Law Guide provides information on primary and secondary sources of foreign law. While it does not contain the full-text of these sources, it tells you which legal sources exist for a particular jurisdiction and where to find them. It covers nearly 200 jurisdictions from major nations to small semi-independent states. The Guide cites to hundreds of web pages containing reprints or translations of legislation and other legal materials.

The Foreign Law Guide is available from any networked computer in Drinko Hall.

District Court Transcripts to be Available on PACER

U.S. Courts press release: "The Judicial Conference of the United States today voted to make transcripts of federal district and bankruptcy court proceedings available online through the Judiciary's Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. Under the new policy, transcripts created by court reporters or transcribers will be available for inspection and copying in a clerk of court’s office and for download from PACER 90 days after they are delivered to the clerk. Individuals will be able to view, download, or print a copy of a transcript from PACER for eight cents per page."

Get Your FBI File

A new website, Get My FBI File, provides an easy way to request your files, if they exist, from the FBI. Additional features allow you to ask for files from other federal agencies including the CIA, DIA, NSA, the Secret Service, and the Army Criminal Investigative Command. The website assists you in automaticallty generating letters to be sent to the appropriate federal agencies. Get my FBI File is the companion site to the Get Grandpas FBI File website, which assists people in requesting files related to other people.