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Opinio Juris - December 2007

Scroll down to learn about the State Court Organization report, Business Source Complete, ABA's Top 100 Law Blogs, the Weirdest Cases and Dumbest Laws, 101 Best Web Freebies, and Word Spy. For more information about other legal research topics, please visit the Library's blog.

State Court Organization, 1987-2004

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has just released its report on State Court Organization for the years 1987-2004. The report:

Presents trend data from State Court Organization data collections covering the years 1987-2004. The report examines changes in the organization and operations of the Nation’s state trial and appellate courts over this time period. Topics include the selection and educational requirements of judges, regulations of criminal and civil juries, the development of unified court systems, and adjustments in court management and staffing to address growing caseloads.

Download the entire report here. Read the press release here.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete compiles, according to their description, “far more active, peer-reviewed, business related journals than any other database currently available.”  This database provides access to over 1,200 business journals, some dating as far back as 1886.  Many of the journal articles in this database are provided in full text, as well as other materials including financial data, books and investment research reports.  You can either search through the various journals using the simple and familiar keyword search box (an advance search is also available if you desire), or you can use the tabs towards the top of the database to browse company profiles, author profiles or publications.  Business Source Complete can be accessed on campus here or from off-campus, with proper authentication, here.

ABA's Top 100 Law Blogs

The ABA has released its list of the top 100 law blogs, which includes Doug Berman's Sentencing Law and Policy blog. Be sure to also check out the ABA's blog directory. It is a much more comprehensive list of legal blogs organized by subject.

Weirdest Cases and Dumbest Laws

The Times of London (Online) has posted a column with a list of "the world's weirdest cases." On a related note, the Telegraph has posted a list of the dumbest British and foreign laws (according to survey results)."

101 Best Web Freebies

BusinessWeek.com has compiled a list of the 101 most useful free products and services available online. The site includes links to recommended products by category (tech tools, personal finance, entertainment, etc.)

Word Spy

Word Spy is a web site that tracks the appearance and use of new words and phrases. The site's lexpionage ("the sleuthing of new words and phrases"), includes tracking such words as avoision, deconstitutionalization, paracopyright, and testilying.