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Opinio Juris - February 2006

Scroll down to learn about the U.S. Census Bureau's Valentine's Day Facts, Foreign Law Guide, Ohio General Assembly Video, Saddam Hussein Trial web site, Common Errors in English Usage, and how to improve PowerPoint presentations. For more information about other legal research topics, please visit the Library's new blog .

Valentine's Day Facts, from the U.S. Census Bureau

Did you know that 180 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually or that Americans consume 24.7 pounds of candy per capita in a year? The U.S. Census Bureau has released its annual Valentine's Day facts.

Foreign Law Guide

The Foreign Law Guide provides information on primary and secondary sources of foreign law. While it does not contain the full-text of these sources, it tells you which legal sources exist for a particular jurisdiction and where to find them. It covers nearly 200 jurisdictions from major nations to small semi-independent states. The Guide cites to hundreds of web pages containing reprints or translations of legislation and other legal materials.

The Foreign Law Guide is available from any networked computer in Drinko Hall.

Ohio General Assembly Video

Video of the Ohio General Assembly's Senate and House proceedings are archived by date on The Ohio Channel. So how do you find video related to a specific bill?

Using the search features of the legislature's web site, find the page devoted to your bill (e.g., the page for the pending bill regarding gift cards), look for a reference to the Status Report of Legislation along the left side of the page. The Status Report reveals which dates the bill was considered in the Senate and House.

Then return to the video collection on The Ohio Channel and browse the video collections for the date the bill was considered. For each day, the videos are broken down by subject, such as bill number. Real Player is necessary to view the videos.

Saddam Hussein Trial Web Site

The Law Library of Congress has created a web site for "The Trial of Saddam Hussein." According to the web site, it "...is intended to provide the viewer with essential information related to the relevant trials. It will also set out a selection of reference materials that will further explain important aspects of the trials."

Common Errors in English Usage

Washington State University English Professor Paul Brians has created a web site that lists common errors in English usage. Considering the subject matter, the site is surprisingly entertaining. Here is an example of an entry:

"Moot" is a very old word related to "meeting," specifically a meeting where serious matters are discussed. Oddly enough, a moot point can be a point worth discussing at a meeting (or in court) - an unresolved question - or it can be the opposite: a point already settled and not worth discussing further. At any rate, "mute point" is simply wrong, as is the less common "mood point."

Improve PowerPoint Presentations

Interested in improving your PowerPoint presentations? From Bad to Great: Transforming Your PowerPoint Presentations is the title of a free Web Cafe seminar from Office Depot. You can replay the entire presentation or just read the highlights.