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Opinio Juris - November 2006

Scroll down to learn about the recent ABA metadata ethics opinion, the Historical CFR on HeinOnline, the Nuremberg Trial website, new electronic journals, and the Reverse Dictionary. For more information about other legal research topics, please visit the Library's blog.

Use of Metadata OK Says ABA

In a recent ethics opinion, ABA Formal Op. 06-442, the ABA says that lawyers receiving electronic documents are free to examine "hidden" metadata which might be contained in the document. "The ABA committee noted metadata is ubiquitous in electronic documents, and includes such information as the last date and time that a document was saved and by whom, data on when it was accessed, the name of the owner of the computer that created the document and the date and time it was created, and a record of any changes made to the document or comments written into it." This ethics ruling is contrary to what other legal ethics authorities have said about this issue."

ABA members may download copies of ethics opinions, for a period of one year after they are released, at the Center for Professional Responsibility's website. The ethics opinion is also available through LexisNexis (password required).

Historical CFR Available on HeinOnline

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), from inception in 1938 through the 1983 edition, is now available on HeinOnline in searchable PDF format. HeinOnline can be accessed on campus or from off-campus, with proper authentication. The CFR is available from 1996 through the present at GPO Access.

The Nuremberg Trials and Their Legacy

"In the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust, the world was faced with a challenge-how to seek justice for an almost unimaginable scale of criminal behavior." The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has created a website, The Nuremberg Trials and Their Legacy, that focuses on the The International Military Tribunal, held at Nuremberg, Germany, at the end of World War II. The exhibit features a photo collection, images of artifacts, audio clips relating to testimony, and related material.

New Electronic Journals Available Through OSU Libraries

OSU Libraries has just added the Journal of International Commerical Law and Technology to its eletronic journal collection. Other recently added e-journal titles include the Journal of Crime, Conflict and Media Culture, the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, and Canadian Public Policy.

Reverse Dictionary

Sometimes you know there is a word to describe something, but you don't remember what that word is. A thesaurus is only helpful when you can specify an equivalent word - sometimes you can't. In situations like these, Onelook.com's Reverse Dictionary might be helpful. The Reverse Dictionary allows users to "describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept."