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Research Guides: Introduction to the State Materials of Ohio

This brief guide will show you how to best find Ohio materials both in print form and online. All of the materials listed are available in the national collection in the Ohio section of the Moritz Law Library or in the Reserve Room, both of which are located on the second floor. Often the materials are available in both places, though the Reserve Room generally has only the most recent editions.

  • State of Ohio News, links, and information for every branch in the state of Ohio government.


  • Ohio Supreme Court Provides court news, opinion summaries, cases, library and legal resources, and attorney information.
  • Bar Admissions Office Provides bar application information, bar exam essay questions and deadlines, and contact information.
  • Reporter of Decisions Provides access to cases and case announcements.
  • Ohio Official Reports contain the most recent official decisions handed down by Ohio appellate courts. These reporters are located in the Ohio section of the national collection at KFO48 .A22 along with all other Ohio reporters. Supreme Court case coverage dates back to 1821. The North Eastern Reporter, which also contains some Ohio cases, is located on the same level at KF135 .N6 N63.
  • Ohio Courts Links to the Ohio District Courts of Appeals, Ohio Court of Claims, and the Courts of Common Pleas and Municipal Courts for every Ohio county.
  • Ohio Court Rules Includes rules for the Ohio Court of Claims, Supreme Court, Appellate and Trial Courts, Rules of Practice and Procedure, and proposed amendments to Ohio Court Rules. Ohio Rules of Court are also available in the Reserve Room and in the Ohio Collection at KFO 529.A194.
  • Reports and Publications Includes Ohio Courts Statistical Reports and Summaries.

Statutes and Statutory Codes

  • Ohio Revised Code Online access to the Ohio Revised Code, unannotated. Allows users to find current Ohio law by keyword search or table of contents search. Both the Page's and Baldwin's Ohio Revised Code Annotated are available in print in the Reserve Room and on the second floor at KFO 30.
  • Ohio Constitution The current Ohio Constitution and the 1802 Ohio Constitution may also be found in Page's Ohio Revised Code.
  • Ohio General Assembly Includes current legislation, links to the Ohio House and Senate, legislative agencies, recent session laws, and recent House and Senate Journals.
  • Laws of Ohio is the official state publication of the state's session laws, statutes that appear in their uncodified form. Recent Ohio session laws are available online through the Ohio General Assembly and in print at KFO25 .A23.

Legislative History


  • Ohio Administrative Code Online access to administrative regulations. Allows searching by keyword and table of contents.
  • Register of Ohio Provides public notice of state agency rule-making. Includes proposed and recently adopted rules.
  • State Agencies Links and contact information for all state of Ohio agencies.
  • Attorney General Opinions Provides online access to Ohio AG Opinions from 1994-present. AG Opinions are formal opinions on questions of law presented to the General Assembly.
  • Governor of Ohio Includes recent news, access to Executive Orders, and Cabinet information.


  • Franklin County Includes links for Franklin County officials, agencies, services, and news.
  • Columbus Bar Association Local attorney information, directory, CLE, forms and documents, and mentoring information.
  • Columbus Law Library Association This is the county law library. Includes access to online catalog, training and CLE programs, and databases for CLLA members.
  • City of Columbus News, links, and information for Columbus city departments, elected officials, and city information.

Municipal Codes

There are multiple resources available for finding municipal ordinances.

Form Books

Provide examples of various types of forms and contracts that can be used when practicing law. In general, there are two types of form books: transactional forms and litigation forms. Transactional forms are used in non-litigation contracts for real estate, leases, sales, and wills. Litigation forms will include pleading forms, and are often organized by court rules. Form books are available on Lexis and Westlaw, or can be found by searching OSCAR.

Transactional Form Books

  • Ohio Forms, Legal & Business
  • Ohio Transaction Guide

Litigation Form Books

  • Anderson's Ohio Civil Practice with Forms
  • Anderson's Ohio Civil Rules Practice with Forms
  • Ohio Forms of Pleading and Practice

Practitioner Materials

Provide detailed information about the practice of specific areas of law in Ohio. These materials are often called Treatises, Manuals, or Handbooks. Practice handbooks are available on Lexis and Westlaw, or can be found by searching OSCAR.

Practitioner materials available on Westlaw

  • Ohio Practice Library

Practitioner materials available on Lexis

  • Anderson's Appellate Practice and Procedure in Ohio
  • Weissenberger's Ohio Civil Procedure Litigation Manual
  • Ohio Litigation Checklists
  • Anderson's Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual
  • Anderson's Sixth Circuit Federal Practice Manual
  • Anderson's Law of Professional Responsibility in Ohio

Secondary Sources

  • Ohio Jurisprudence: Gives encyclopedic summaries of Ohio law on many legal topics. It is located in the Ohio collection at KFO 65 .035 as well as in the Reserve Room. O-Jur is also available on Lexis.
  • West's Ohio Digest: Helps locate case law on legal topics. This digest is located in the Ohio Collection at KFO 57 .W4.
  • Law Reviews & Journals: Offer well researched, comprehensive views on a variety legal subjects. The State of Ohio is home to a number of respected law journals in various fields. Sometimes the articles in these publications are Ohio-specific. Access citations to articles using Legal Trac from any law school terminal.
  • News: Recent news and legislative information for Ohio can be found using Gongwer and Ohio Capitol Connection from any Moritz Law Library Computer.
  • LSC Members Only Briefs: Provide summaries of issues and provisions in current Ohio law. Briefs also include guides for researching various topics and legislative history information.
  • Citation Manual: Provides preferred legal citation style for Ohio courts. Available in the library.

Last Updated: 10/18/11