Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

2009 Symposium

The Future of ADR: Incorporating Dispute Resolution Into Society

February 19, 2008 | Barrister Club
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Keynote Speaker: Nancy Rogers
Other Speakers Include: Michael Moffitt, Jean Sternlight, John Lande, Ben Davis, Don Philbin, David Larson, Phyllis Bernard, Jerome Barrett, and Dr. Julie Macfarlane.

Alternative Dispute Resolution has become an increasingly important feature of conflict resolution within both modern law practice and public policymaking in the United States. As ADR is more widely incorporated into our general culture, it may be an apt time to evaluate the field's future.

Those who value ADR's contribution to the current justice system are contemplating how to expand its use. In doing so, they confront certain challenges that limit the field's potential accessibility to wider audiences. Traditional legal education continues to impart a litigious mentality upon future lawyers. Additionally, new mediums, such as online dispute resolution, have yet to be explored in great detail. Further, the general public has not been adequately educated about the potential benefits of ADR. This year's Symposium will address each of these pressing issues, in hopes of discovering effective methods of expanding the ultimate accessibility of ADR.

In envisioning the future of ADR, we can look to its potential impact on law students, practitioners, and even non-lawyers. Doing so, we can find creative ways to craft a future where ADR is practiced more frequently by the legal community and is much more accessible to the general public. The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution has assembled a group of forward-thinking experts to explore the future of Alternative Dispute Resolution through panel discussion in hopes of increasing the accessibility of the field. The ultimate goal of the symposium is to envision the potential future of Alternative Dispute Resolution in order to increase its use and accessibility to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution was privileged to host this symposium. Symposium papers will be published in Volume 25, Issue I, of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, scheduled for publication in the winter of 2009.

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