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2006 Symposium Speakers

Listening to the World: New Ideas for Resolving Identity-Based Conflict
January 26, 2006 | The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

While serving as Director of the Racial Justice Project for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, Michelle Alexander launched the "DWB Campaign" and litigated several cases to aid in eliminating racial bias in the criminal justice system and achieving educational equity in California public schools. Michelle Alexander was then the Director of the Civil Rights Clinics and an Associate Professor of Law at Stanford Law School prior to joining The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law faculty in 2005. Professor Alexander is currently working on a book entitled, "The New Jim Crow."

Dominic Bryan is the Director of the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His general research interests include political anthropology, public ritual, nationalism and group identity, and Orangeism. Currently, Dr. Bryan is working on a major research project in conjunction with the organization Democratic Dialogue on public order policing and serves on the management board of the Institute for Conflict Research.


Christopher FairmanSANDRA CHELDELIN
Sandra Cheldelin is the Vernon M. and Minnie I. Lynch Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. As a licensed psychologist and expert in organizational conflict, she has worked with over 150 organizations including colleges, universities, medical schools, treatment facilities, corporations, associations, religious institutions and community organizations. She has also facilitated large-scale interethnic and interfaith community dialogues on the topics of fear, terrorism, violence and suspicion.

Kimberlee KovachAMY J. COHEN
Prior to joining the The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law faculty in 2004, Amy J. Cohen was a Fulbright scholar in Nepal. There, she taught alternative dispute resolution at the Kathmandu School of Law and worked with international donor agencies to design and implement programs in community mediation. Professor Cohen is the Director of The Bridge Initiative @ Mershon and Moritz. Her research interests include comparative dispute resolution, international development, and gender and cultural theory.


Sarah Rudolph Cole is the Squire, Sanders & Dempsey Designated Professor of Law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, where her focus is in alternative dispute resolution. Professor Cole is co-author of the leading mediation treatise and one of the leading dispute resolution casebooks in the country. In addition, Professor Cole is a member of the Arbitration Committee and the Public Service Institute for the ABA Section on Dispute Resolution and was a member of the academic advisory faculty that consulted with NCCUSL and the ABA regarding the drafting of the Uniform Mediation Act.


An experienced mediator, facilitator, trainer and conflict management systems designer, Cathy Costantino is Counsel in the nationwide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Unit at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), where she oversees the use of ADR in internal workplace and external commercial disputes. Internationally, Ms. Costantino has served as a consultant to the United Nations on the African Capacity-Building in Conflict Management Project, trained the Singapore Mediation and Arbitration Center (including members of the Singapore Supreme Court) in systems design in November 1999, and served as a consultant to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to facilitate the design of a conflict management system to handle workplace disputes.

Lela Porter LoveELLEN E. DEASON
Ellen E. Deason is a professor of law at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, where she has taught Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution, Comparative Dispute Resolution, and the Multiparty Mediation Practicum. Professor Deason's research interests, on which she has both published and presented extensively, include comparative dispute resolution, civil process, and scientific issues in dispute resolution.


Melanie Greenberg is the President of the Cypress Fund for Peace and Security. Ms. Greenberg formerly served as the Associate Director of the Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation and as the Deputy Director of the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation. Internationally, Ms. Greenberg has facilitated conflict resolution processes in the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Northern Ireland.

Michael Hamilton is a lecturer in the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster. His research has focused on the legal regulation of public protest and, in particular, parade disputes in Northern Ireland. He is an expert adviser on freedom of assembly to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). His most recent publication is entitled, "Freedom of Assembly, Consequential Harms and the Rule of Law: Liberty-Limiting Principles in the Context of Transition" (forthcoming Oxford Journal of Legal Studies).

Richard Herrmann is the Director of the Mershon Center for International Securities, which aims to advance intellectual understanding of national security in a global context by fostering research on diplomatic and military history, contemporary political and economic decision-making, as well as the role culture and institutions play in war and peace. Dr. Herrmann is also a professor of political science at The Ohio State University and in that capacity, has written on the role of perception and imagery in foreign policy and on the importance of nationalism and identity politics in world affairs.


Hagit Lernau lectures on Sociology of the Criminal Justice System at the Institute of Criminology, the Hebrew University. Her most recent work, jointly with Professor David Weisburd, "Isolation and Violence in the Promised Land," investigates the potential of ideological violence in Israel. Recently, Dr. Lernau was nominated as the first deputy of the Chief of the Israeli National Public Defender.

Gareth Newham is the Project Manager for the policing projects of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation's Criminal Justice Programme in South Africa. Presently, Gareth is managing projects in the following areas: enhancing civilian oversight and police accountability, tackling corruption and promoting police integrity, understanding diversity and the transformation of the South African Police Services (SAPS), metropolitan policing and improving witness management.

Jacqueline Nolan-Haley has been a professor at Fordham University School of Law since 1987 and is currently Director of its Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution program. Previously, she served as Chair of both the New York State Bar Association, ADR Committee and the American Association of Law Schools, ADR Section. Adding to her long list of publications, Professor Nolan-Haley recently coauthored International Conflict Resolution: Consensual ADR Processes.

Raymond W. Patterson is currently the Associate Director of the Saltman Center for Conflict Resolution at the William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada Las Vegas. Previously, Professor Patterson served as the Director of Mediation for New York City's Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), a mayoral agency that handles complaints by civilians against police officers. He implemented and supervised the CCRB's mediation program, the largest of its kind in the country. For the last four years of his tenure there, Professor Patterson became Director of Communications and Dispute Resolution, handling press relations and managing the report writing and outreach unit.

Lela Porter Lovejohn a. powell
Professor john a. powell holds the Gregory H. Williams Chair in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties at The Ohio State Moritz College of Law and is also the Executive Director of the Kirwan Institute for Race and Ethnicity in the Americas. Previously, Professor powell founded and directed the Institute on Race and Poverty at the University of Minnesota and served as the National Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union. Professor powell has written on racial justice and regionalism, concentrated poverty and urban sprawl, disparities in the criminal justice system, affirmative action in the United States, South Africa and Brazil, racial and ethnic identity and current demographic trends.

Nancy Hardin Rogers is the Dean and Michael E. Moritz Chair of Alternative Dispute Resolution at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Dean Rogers has co-authored a two-volume treatise on mediation, a leading law school textbook in dispute resolution, and many articles. In 2002, Dean Rogers received the American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution's D'Alemberte-Raven Award outstanding achievements and contributions to the field of dispute resolution. Between 1998 and 2003, Dean Rogers served as the Reporter for the National Conference of Commissioners of Uniform State Laws Mediation Act.

Lela Porter LoveJAY ROTHMAN
Jay Rothman is President of the ARIA Group, Inc., a conflict resolution training and consulting company that facilitated the Cincinnati Police-Community Relations Collaborative. He is also founder and Research Director of the Action Evaluation Research Institute and author or coauthor of three books, including Resolving Identity-Based Conflict: in Nations, Organizations and Communities. In addition, Mr. Rothman has authored over two-dozen articles on identity-based conflict, conflict resolution, and evaluation.


Ntsikelelo Sandi is an advocate of the High Court of South Africa in the Eastern Cape Provincial Division, Grahamstown. Appointed by Former President Nelson Mandela, Mr. Sandi was a member of South Africa's internationally renowned Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Mr. Sandi served on the TRC's Human Rights Violations Committee and the Amnesty Committee. Mr. Sandi has also used his expertise and passion for international human rights to effect change in Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Najeeba Syeed-Miller is the Executive Director of the Western Justice Center Foundation (WJCF) in Pasadena, California, a think tank organization that works with children, communities, and courts to assure peaceful conflict resolution and improve access to justice. In addition to numerous ongoing youth-based projects and recent strides in the areas of environmental mediation and juvenile mental health courts, WJCF has joined forces with the Pasadena Police Department and the Los Angeles County Bar, Dispute Resolution Services to launch a Police/Community Mediation and Dialogue Program.

David Weisburd is the Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law and Criminal Justice at The Hebrew University and is also a faculty member of the University of Maryland Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He has authored and coauthored numerous books and articles on community policing, white-collar crime, and crime mapping. Professor Weisburd is currently working with Hagit Learnau on a project in conjunction with the United States Institute of Peace entitled, "Isolation and Violence in the Promised Land."


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