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Mary Beth Beazley



Mary Beth Beazley, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO APPELLATE ADVOCACY (Aspen 3d ed. 2010).

In this latest edition of her popular text, Mary Beth continues the process of refinement based on feedback from the book’s many users. The book achieves a remarkable combination of comprehensiveness and accessibility. There is broad perspective and detailed process advice, discussion from using storytelling theory to assist with the statement of facts to where and how to address opponents arguments, to advice about moot court competitions and lots of examples and samples. Yet, using Mary Beth’s trademark humor (The book’s first line is a good example: “Okay, I’m going to start out by violating a principle of legal writing and ask you a question: Why are you reading this book? Let me guess — because you have to”) the information and instruction is welcoming rather than overwhelming. And now, completely up-to-date.

Encyclopedia Entries

Mary Beth Beazley, Ballot Design, in The Encylopedia of Political Science)(George Thomas Curian et al. eds CQ Press 2010)

This piece describes the importance of ballot design issues, the major controversies, and proposed solutions. With an extensive bibliography, the entry highlights the reality that there is no “neutral choice mechanism” and also notes some of the most significant flaws that can cause confusion or failure to vote. Position impact receives particular attention and the entry covers international ballot design issues as well.