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Kimberly Jordan Media Hits

The following is a list of selected media coverage for Kimberly Jordan. The links below will direct you to sites that are not affiliated with the Moritz College of Law. They are subject to change, and some may expire or require registration as time passes.


New legal help for juvenile sex and labor trafficking victims

January 23, 2014

Kimberly Jordan was interviewed for an article for the Youngstown Daily regarding the Moritz College of Law's Justice for Children Clinic, as well as legal fellowship that provides the opportunity to help juveniles who are survivors of sex or labor trafficking.

Jordan, who is director of the Justice for Children Project, explains the overall goal of the program.

 “These survivors can be difficult to find and our hope is to provide legal assistance to help free them permanently from their abusers,” said Jordan.

OSU Law School Fights To Raise Awareness On Human Trafficking

January 19, 2014

Professor Kimberly Jordan was interviewed for a story by NBC4 about human trafficking in Ohio and a series of events The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is putting on starting the week of Jan. 20 to raise awareness for human trafficking. Jordan, the director of Justice for Children, is taking a leading role in the events at Moritz.

"Juveniles often feel that their voice is not being heard in the legal system," she said. "And so we really want to seek to build that relationship with them and see they can get the assistance and help that they need."

In Ohio, all sides join to fight trafficking

January 18, 2014

Professor Kimberly Jordan wrote a letter to the editor for the Columbus Dispatch about the gathering at the Ohio Statehouse for Ohio’s fifth annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Jordan, who is the director of the Justice for Children Project, said she was proud to see the bipartisan support for the event.

"Someone forced into a life of prostitution and assault demands our support and collaboration," she writes. "Congratulations to Ohio, for showing these women that we hear their voices and will continue the fight for victims everywhere. I am proud to stand with them."

Enquirer sues Judge Hunter for records

November 16, 2013

Professor Kimberly Jordan was interviewed for an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a legal dispute over whether The Enquirer should have access to psychological reports of five teens involved in criminal cases. The reports were ordered in response to a judge's concern that the media coverage of the case was causing the teens psychological harm. After the reports were taken, The Enquirer was denied access to the proceedings of the trial, but the results of the reports were not shared with them. Jordan said that normally all parties in a case are granted access to case files.

"All parties to the case should be given copies of the case,” she said, referring specifically to a 1994 Ohio Supreme Court case.