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Gregory M. Travalio Media Hits

The following is a list of selected media coverage for Gregory M. Travalio. The links below will direct you to sites that are not affiliated with the Moritz College of Law. They are subject to change, and some may expire or require registration as time passes.


Trekkers from central Ohio who felt Nepal quake now raising relief funds

June 16, 2015

Professor Gregory Travalio was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch article on the 2015 earthquake in Nepal - he was visiting the country at the time and survived the quake. 

“We went through villages where you couldn’t tell that anything had happened, and then we went through some small villages where there was lots of damage,” he said. 

Lawsuits reflect what can go wrong with devices intended to save lives

October 21, 2007

Professor Greg Travalio was quoted in the Kansas City Star regarding people suing for airbags not deploying in their cars. The story states: “Agreements in many of the airbag cases contain provisions to keep settlements amounts and company records secret. The practice has drawn criticism from some law professors. If other accident victims knew the amounts of the settlements, they could make better decisions on whether it was worth suing, said Gregory Travalio, an Ohio State University law professor. Courts sealing company records raises another issue. ‘These documents, if disclosed, might allow consumers to have better information about the dangers of products,’ Travalio said, ‘and might be useful information to government regulators as well.’”

'Free food' called illegal come-on

September 20, 2007

Professor Greg Travalio was quoted in The Columbus Dispatch and on several television stations regarding the Civil Law Practicum’s collaboration with Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to file two lawsuits against four companies for using deceptive advertising to persuade Ohio State students to apply for credit cards. "We do have a particularly vulnerable group of people," Travalio said. "We are seeing particularly egregious marketing practices."

Lead-paint, lending proposals debated

December 8, 2006

In this Columbus Dispatch article on two controversial proposals that would block cities from suing lead-pigment manufacturers and, some say, weaken a predatory-lending law that takes effect in three weeks, Professor Gregory Travalio said the lawsuits against leadpigment manufacturers are an "unprecedented extension of the public-nuisance law."

Oops! Maybe Discover Card ruling was in line after all

September 26, 2004

In a Cleveland Plain Dealer story about Discover Card's efforts to collect from a Cleveland resident, two Moritz Law professors, Gregory Travalio and Larry Garvin, said that credit agreements have a few strikes against them and there are limits to what contracts can do.