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The following is a list of selected media coverage for Paul Rose. The links below will direct you to sites that are not affiliated with the Moritz College of Law. They are subject to change, and some may expire or require registration as time passes.


Investors Embrace Ethics

December 3, 2015

Professor Paul Rose's work on the annual review public fund investment policies was mentioned in an article on Top 1000 Funds. Rose has conducted the survey for the past two years. The story said:

According to the Public Fund Investment Policies 2015 annual review produced by the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, a code of ethics helps to ensure that investments are made in accordance with the fund’s investment policies and regulations.

U.S. Chamber Report Highlights Benefits of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Rulemaking Process

March 13, 2013

Professor Paul Rose's report titled "The Importance of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Financial Regulation" was quoted in an article in The Financial. "Financial regulators, especially in the context of Dodd-Frank, can and should ground their rulemaking in robust cost-benefit analysis in order to arrive at more rational decision-making and efficient regulatory action as well as to promote good governance and democratic accountability,” wrote Rose and (Christopher) Walker in the report. “The SEC’s experience with cost-benefit analysis, both in court and also in practice, provides an important lesson for other financial regulators."

Bank Of America To Pay $2.43 Billion To Settle Class Action Lawsuit

September 28, 2012

When news broke that Bank of America was settling a pending suit related to its acquistion of Merrill Lynch, NPR went to its All Things Considered archives to find Professor Paul Rose's prediction on the case when it was originally filed.  "You'll see a settlement often coupled with some sort of corporate governance change or something that they feel is really important," he said.

Academic Paper: US Sovereign Wealth Funds Fearful of Political Baggage

December 12, 2011

Professor Paul Rose's recent paper on political manipulation of foreign sovereign wealth funds was quoted extensively aiCIO.

Sovereign health

July 13, 2010

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Global Financial Strategy article about the rapid growth in sovereign wealth funds and issues around transparency that have sparked fear over the safety of investing in the funds. Rose was quoted about the validity of that fear: “Ohio State University Moritz College of Law assistant Professor Paul Rose, who has testified in front of the US Senate on the matter of SWFs, says that they have a, perhaps unfounded, reputation for creating trouble. Rose says: ‘Before the financial crisis, I wouldn’t use the word fear to describe SWFs, but concern. People saw sovereign wealth funds investing and thought there might be a political motive, there was certainly a lot of suspicion.’”

Ohio Sues Bank Of America

October 12, 2009

Professor Paul Rose was featured in a broadcast of “All Things Considered” on NPR regarding a lawsuit filed against Bank of America. Rose said: “Settlements are actually higher when you have public pension funds involved in a securities class action lawsuit. Furthermore, since again, they are often still invested in the company while they're bringing a suit for the sale of some of their shares, they often are not trying to bring the company down by any means.”

Ohio takes lead in Bank of America suit

September 29, 2009

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Columbus Dispatch story regarding a lawsuit led by the Ohio Attorney General against Bank of America. The story states: “‘This isn't just a big case due to the amount of money but is also an opportunity for Main Street to stand up against Wall Street,’ said Paul Rose, a professor at Ohio State University's Moritz School of Law who specializes in securities and corporate law.”

Legal Experts Look at Ohio’s Bank Of America Suit

September 29, 2009

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in an interview on NPR regarding the Attorney General Richard Cordray filling a complaint against Bank of America and its executives. In the interview, Rose states: “You see the attorney general really drawing attention to the fact he’s bringing this case, you can’t help think there’s some political motivation behind that. But even if there’s political motivation, this is the kind of case he would pursue and that he should be obligated to be interested in.”

Ohio AG takes lead role in Bank of America lawsuit

September 28, 2009

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in an Associated Press article regarding Attorney General Richard Cordray filling a complaint against Bank of America and its executives. The story states: “Paul Rose, an Ohio State law professor and securities litigation expert, believes the lawsuit has merit but also spots political undertones. ‘I don't think it's necessarily a weak case by any means, and I don't think it's brought only for political purposes,’ Rose said”

Madoff Scandal A Huge Blow To SEC Credibility

December 16, 2008

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Law360 story regarding the scandal involving Bernard L. Madoff’s reported Ponzi scheme. “You’ll see a host of new regulations. I’m sure we’ll see that,” Rose said. “I think the SEC, especially if we see more like Madoff, will lose the benefit of the doubt and Congress will tell them, ‘This is the way we want to regulate hedge funds.’” (Subscription required)

Sample what an Obama presidency likely means to the financial services industry

November 10, 2008

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in an Investment Advisers Week story about what Barack Obama may mean for the financial services industry. The story states: “‘In the long term the industry will continue to thrive,’ believes Rose. ‘Demographics remain in the industry's favor, but the regulatory changes will shake up the market and create winners and losers. Some firms will struggle. Smart and agile advisers and firms will do just fine.’” (Subscription required).

The Economic Crisis And The SEC: Moving Forward

October 31, 2008

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Law 360 article regarding the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and what its plan should be in the midst of a financial crisis. The story stated: “The perception that the SEC is engaged and assertive can have a practical, calming effect on otherwise volatile markets, noted Paul Rose, an assistant professor of law at The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law.” (Subscription Required)

Sovereign Funds: First Steps toward a Code of Conduct

March 25, 2008

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a story in Les Echos, a French daily business newspaper. The story involved sovereign wealth funds, and Rose discussed the sovereign wealth fund code of conduct agreed to by Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and the Treasury Department.

Activism plus advice, eh?

October 15, 2007

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Financial Week story regarding the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan's decision to pay $46 million for proxy adviser Glass Lewis. "It's definitely a positive for Glass Lewis to get out from under Xinhua, but they may have just traded problems," said Paul Rose, a law professor at Ohio State University. "I wonder if the mutual funds will view their advice as favorably as they used to."

Advise this: Glass Lewis on the block?

September 25, 2007

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Financial Week story about Institutional Shareholder Services possibly being interested in purchasing Glass Lewis, a proxy advisor. “Being public brings transparency, but transparency could be a good thing,” said Paul Rose, a law professor at Ohio State University who was interviewed for the GAO report. “ISS has already been very careful about making things clear for its clients. Just being under the SEC’s watch, and scrutinized more thoroughly, will help its reputation.”

The ISS way

September 7, 2007

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a story in The Deal regarding the proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. The story says: “Who governs the governance industry? No one, it seems. While the Securities and Exchange Commission has rules on conflict prevention for governance raters in proxy voting, there is no statutory duty of care specifically applicable to governance advisory work, according to Paul Rose, assistant professor at Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law, who studied the industry.” (Subscription required.)

Top proxy adviser frisked by Congress: 'They're clean'

August 6, 2007

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in a Financial Week story regarding a government report that found no conflicts in the business of proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services. “If a large institutional investor did, in fact, solely rely on a proxy firm’s recommendations, would you expect that firm to admit it?” Rose said. “The investors almost have to say it’s just one of many tools and so on to appear that they’re doing their own due diligence.”

Lost in Translation

August 6, 2007

Professor Paul Rose was quoted in the August edition of California Lawyer magazine. "Growth is being fed by recent regulations requiring mutual funds to reveal how they vote their street shares, by institutional investments in developing countries, and by exchange rules—scheduled to become effective January 2008—that eliminate broker discretionary voting in director elections," Rose says. "In all these cases, proxy advisors provide cover, though it's still not clear if following their advice satisfies a pension fund's fiduciary duties."